• Alina Bianca Pop “Technical University of Cluj-Napoca”
  • Lucian Tarnu Lucian Blaga University Of Sibiu
  • Mihail Aurel Titu Lucian Blaga University Of Sibiu
Keywords: atom, orbital, discharge, laser fascicle, photon, infrared radiation


This scientific paper purpose is the problem of the chain of atomic, quantum and wavy phenomena that ends in creating the conditions for the appearance of a strictly local path, which is electrically conductive, through the liquid dielectric that washes the part and the electrode - tool in electrical erosion processes. A first aspect presented in the paper is the way in which ionized energy photons are generated by charge carriers. At the same time, through this study, are presented the complex physical phenomena that take place at the atomic and quantum level, in the processing of the unconventional technology of laser beam erosion. The last part of the paper presents its own points of view and conclusions on the topic addressed.


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Pop, A., Tarnu, L., & Titu, M. (2020). ASPECTS REGARDING LIQUID DIELECTRIC DISCHARGES USED IN ELECTRIC EROSION PROCESSES. Nonconventional Technologies Review, 24(4). Retrieved from

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