A word from our Editor-in-Chief

Iași 2015 –The capital of Romanian Invention

  • Mihail Aurel Titu "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu


Innovation is generally considered the main engine of economic growth in today's global economy.  In this context, we can say that, from 14-16 May 2015 European capital of Moldova Exhibition has been home for Creativity and Innovation European Exhibition, EUROINVENT 2015 that has contributed to global economic development linking people and inventions from different corners of the world. As pointed out by Angela Filote, head of the European Commission Representative in Romania, "EUROINVENT celebrates the glow of the minds and inventions, is a celebration of those who dare to dream that they can change the world in the context in which the future of Europe depends on the imagination and creativity of its people, and it is for this reason that Europe in particular will prioritize research and innovation in order to become from a European Union a Union of Innovation".

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