• Elena Stela Muncut A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Bogdan Tanasoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Aurelia Tanasoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
Keywords: PCBA, batteries, sensor, laser, brazing


For automotive batteries to have a workable operating mode that also reduce power consumption, they need sensors to measure voltage, current and temperature. The paper presents the concept of a production line with all the essential details starting with the automated assembly line and ending with the final functional testing of the sensors. The electronic part is developed on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) and smd (surface mounted devices) components to ensure long term flawless function. Advanced technology of brazing and welding is used to join the different parts of the sensors which are described in details in the paper.


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