• Doina Mortoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Bogdan Tanasoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Aurelia Tanasoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Elena Stela Muncut A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Lucian Gal A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
Keywords: composite materials, hood, road vehicle, modelling 3D, vehicles


The evolution of materials for component parts of motor vehicles has reached a very high level, with the aim of achieving the lowest and the most resistant mass. The development trend in the sports automobile area and beyond is to achieve the highest possible performance and the lowest possible cost. The method presented in the paper allows the analysis of 3 composite
materials chosen for a component part of a car. The paper presents the principles and method of modelling the car bonnet 3D with the help of the Catia software.The presented method is used to design prototypes of cars regardless of brand. The materials proposed for the hood are composite materials, especially those with carbon fiber. For the 3D modelling of a hood, the model from 2001-2005, 3er Touring (E46), is taken as a reference model, because in this model the grille is part of the bonnet assembly.


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